Alec Empire in Singapore on 20 Sept
posted by Outbreed on 2007-09-12 03:36:39

When: 20th September, Thurs Where: DXO (Alternation)
Price: $35 (includes 2 drinks)
Ticketing through (


Alec Empire, probably the most controversial electronic artist in the world, is famed for being the founding member of activist / hardcore-techno outfit ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, founder of Digital Hardcore Records and his utterly insane stage antics, the experimental German artist will showcase the best of his breakcore and acid reportoire in a three hour set at DXO.

Alec is further distinguished by over a hundred releases and working with top alternative artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein and Rage against the Machine just to name a few. Both hardcore (literally and figuratively) fans can expect to be blown away by the majesty of his riot-inducing stage presence and the naked power of his aural mayhem.

This event has special significance for the art / experimental scene in Singapore as Alec represents the pinnacle of their pantheon of role models (preceding other icons such as Aphex Twin and Merzbow) and opens the gateway for more exotic cultural performances in Singapore.

Opening acts:

Vortex (Exitmusik / Spectrum)
DJ MENTOR (a.k.a Xho)
Saito Nagasaki

Alternation Lineup for September
posted by Outbreed on 2007-09-12 03:32:35
LOCATION: DXO, The Esplanade
TIME: 9pm till late
COST: $12 at the door, $10 for NEBO members

The surprise for the 20th of September has been announced! Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot fame is coming to town for this one night only event!

Do not miss this exclusive 3 hour set and also performances by Fishtank, Allura, Truth be Known and Psychotherapy!


posted by Outbreed on 2007-08-04 03:08:18

LOCATION: DXO, The Esplanade

DATE: EVERY THURS starting 9th August

TIME: 9pm till late

COST: $12 at the door, $10 for NEBO members

Age Policy: 18+, but we DIDNT say you cant try

Alternative music is back with a vengence, brought to you by the same team of madcaps that created Heart of Darkness! This time, its in a bigger venue (for those of you who complained about the old GH system, now no more excuse!) and with a fresh lineup! The music policy has been tweaked to have some more female/radio friendly elements as much as an "educational" serving of the best underground acts locally - encompassing the full spectrum from punk/hardcore/metal/emo/goth/industrial alongside familiar indie names. We are not out to recreate a fatfrog/timbre/homeclub or whatnot, this is aimed at being the Default alternative music showcase.

The purpose of Alternation is similar to HOD: to educate the public in the more niche music, promote local subcultures and establish a platform for local alternative musicians. The global scene is moving in a gothic direction, yet branching off in different ways to intersect metal and punk elements. The whole idea is to bring that kind of vibrancy to Singapore without compromising its aesthetical and ideological background. Without saying, we will still be waving the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM flag) for this.

PLEASE support this platform because with consistency we could be looking at better funded and more interesting shows!

Bands interested to be part of this series of gigs can email to for more details. Please refrain from sending mp3s through the email, link us to an address where we can hear your works (such as myspace) instead.


IVYs VEndetta wins powerjam 2007
posted by Outbreed on 2007-08-03 01:35:37

Ivys Vendetta has won PowerJam 2008 after beating numerous other Singaporean bands for the crown.

They were pitted against Allura, Now Open, RetroGroove and Ridge in the Finals held on the 26th of July.

Upon winning their title, drummer Pio declared that despite the win, the band remains the same: just some guys looking to enjoy performing onstage and pleasing the crowd.

With the victory, Ivys Vendetta have won for themselves $50,000 in cash and prizes, and also the honour of flying the national colours of Singapore at the World Battle of the Bands 2007.


ROnin, the sexies & project ultrasound to perform
posted by Outbreed on 2007-08-03 01:14:13

Local favourites Ronin, The Sexies and Project Ultrasound will perform at Orchard Cineleisure for the launch of the new Dunlopillo iRock.

The iRock is basically a mattress with in- built speakers so that music lovers can literally be rocked to sleep.

The program for the day include performances by the 3 bands, and also fun and games with 2 new iRock mattresses to be won.


Flybar to open for Australian Band Jet
posted by Outbreed on 2007-08-03 01:12:00

Singapore is the only stop in Asia for Jet. Flybar are proud to annouce that we will be opening the show together with Firebrands for this one night only show.

The show is taking place at Fort Canning Park on 19th June 2007 and tickets are available at


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