Band name: Ivy's Vendetta
Genre: Pop/ Rock/ Alternative
Members: Adam, Marc, Pio, Eddy and Kevin
Accolades: PowerJam 2007 Winners, WBOB 2007 Singapore representatives, Flow's Independance Stage crowd puller.

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It all came together when a Chinese/Thai, a half Korean who wants to be an Italian (long story), a tall Burmese guy and a half Portuguese half Indian decided to write songs and make music.

The Chinese/Thai and the half Korean dude (guitar and bass respectively) have been friends for too long and they've been writing songs together for some time. They hooked up with the Portuguese/Indian fellow (who by the way is a tad big-boned and plays drums) and started having jam sessions.

The tall and skinny (not to mention weird) Burmese guy has been writing songs for most of his life, be it on super market checkout receipts or order pads from restaurants and hotels. He met the drummer while both of them were working in a restaurant (cursing obnoxious guests and incompetent managers) and decided to try out a jam with the other two dudes

As it turned out, they wrote two original songs on the spot and clicked straight away. After doing a few gigs, with the band name changing a few times, eventually settling on "Ivys Vendetta". When asked about the name, the band members tend to just smile politely and shrug.

With influences from Pearl Jam, RHCP, Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Stone Temple Pilots and Stone Sour, its almost a complete mixture of styles and tastes. But the lazy bunch decided to stick to 'melodic' grunge circa the 90s from the Seattle and LA scene with an added pop sensibility.

Being the PowerJam 2007 winners, the future has no bounds for this group of crazed musicians and they look forward to represent Singapore for World Battle of the Bands 2007.


Band name: Flybar
Genre: Pop Rock
Members: Ian Toh, Deon Toh, Benjamin Tay, Jon Ong, Yado
Accolades: World Battle of the Bands 2006 Singapore Winner, WBOB 2006 Singapore representatives, headliner for Flow's Independance Stage, opened for South- East Asian heavyweights Rivermaya and Australian radio- rockers JET.

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Winners of the World Battle of the bands Singapore 2006 in a spectacular showdown with other aces in the local independent rock scene, Flybar has come a long way with ultra-catchy numbers such as 'Beautiful Killer', 'She's So Lazy' and 'Heaven Sent'. Their Self-titled 5 track EP has earned them widespread accolades for their pop-rock, beatlesque sound and screaming fans clamour for lead guitarist Jon's suave mastery as well as Singer Ian's Robbie-Williams-eat-your-heart-out bravado.

The humble roots of Flybar goes back to the year 2000 when Brothers Ian and Deon formed a band with fellow friends that included Benjamin and 2 others. Initially their concept was to play covers like Oasis songs and 3 Doors Down. The band stopped during 2002-2004 due to academic responsibilities.

They reunited in 2004 for Band Aid, a charity event held at HCJC. At the backstage, the band still did not have a name. Incidently, there was a switch at backstage to activate the 'fly bar'. From then, the name stuck. Jamming sessions once again were halted till the turn of 2005 where Deon had performed for his Prom night and Ian secured them for a local tertiary competition. By then, Ian had written an array of original music and are bursting with fresh sounds, forging the path to the success that they are now.


Band name: Ronin
Genre: Rock
Members: Bang, Simon, Darryn and Sean
Accolades: 2 Number 1 hits on Singapore radio, Black Maria and Crazy Son

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Every member of Ronin came from the same school and were formed when most of the others were in Junior College.

Initially, they all hated each other's guts. They still hate each other's guts but it's very amiable and productive now.

The name RONIN came about when Bang (drummer) and Derryn (bassist) were deciding on the philosophy of the band.

If you research on what the word RONIN actually means, you'll know that it follows through (and true) to what they represent. They're all quite effed up people but they do have a sense of humour and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves.


Band name: The Sexies
Genre: Pop Rock
Members: Xiao'an, Cheryl, Melvin, David
Accolades: Opened for Grammy winners Hoobastank

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Formed in December 2006, The Sexies hail from many different musical backgrounds, accounting for the eclectic but cohesive and original sound they now claim as their own. Though funk stylings are clearly visible in their playing, one can also hear the influences of classic rock and the vestiges of jazz harmony.

The Sexies knew they were off to a running start with a recommendation to EMI music by an independent music producer from Leeds . The Sexies also made it through an online voting competition against 50+ bands, with a track they recorded just two weeks after beginning to play together, to make it to the final 5 to fight it out for an opportunity to open for Hoobastank. As fate, skill, and a healthy heap of luck would have it, The Sexies clinched the top spot, and soon saw themselves rocking out on the same stage with the international Grammy-winning band.

The cover repertoire of “The Sexies” includes popular Queen songs, Kelly Clarkson covers, among other easy to listen to rock songs. Their main direction, however, is original, unique, prophetic and genre defying music of their own, the style of which resembles genres ranging from swing rock that’s been compared to the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s style, to harder progressive-sounding numbers, all catchy, and all pleasing to the ear.


Band name: Project Ultrasound
Genre: Rock
Members: Adin, Fizal, Asni and Ijat
Accolades: Semi- finalists for Asian Beat 2005 and Finalists for Battle of the Bands 2005

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Project Ultrasound which consists of 4 buddies, Adin, Fizal, Asni & Ijat. each of them from different music backgrounds & styles.The band is greatly inspired by Rage Against The Machine's techniques and melodic rock rap tempo. Ever since then, they were actively involved in several competitions, performances and invitations. Frontman, Ijat's packs venomous & powerful vox and his superb showmanship which creates a new revolution for Project Ultrasound. Guitarist Asni is always mesmerizing the crowd with his stunning pick-up changer and unique blend of out of this world effexs.While Adin on bass will often rock the crowd with his remarkable riffs and power play on his bass. Whereas Fizal batters up his drums with his powerful beats that adds to the band's pounding ferocity and complete their rock rap


Band name: Absence of the Sacred
Genre: Metal
Members: Mike, Hans, Justin, Darren
Accolades: Resident band for the only dedicated gothic/ alternative/ fetish theme night in Singapore, Heart of Darkness,Singapore Metalfest 2005 participant.

Band website:,, /

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ABSENCE OF THE SACRED (AOTS) was conceived in the beginning of January 2005 in Singapore.

In October 2005, AOTS was given the opportunity to play at the Singapore Metalfest with the help of INOKII RECORDS and the support of Kannan (RUDRA). AOTS shared the stage with bands such as BHELLIOM and FENRIR. The response received was positive, and news of AOTS began spreading through the tributaries of the local and international metal scene.

AOTS hit FOCALPRO AUDIO SOLUTIONS at the end of April 2006 to begin the recording process of their debut full-length "Atrocities That Birthed Abominations". However, due to the time and financial constraints, the band had to schedule the recording process irregularly and after lengthy periods of time. During the recording process, the band was actively interacting with people of the local and international scenes through the Internet and in person. In September 2006, "Atrocities That Birthed Abominations" was completed and released in Singapore.

AOTS has been well-received by the Singaporean audience due to a self-financed promotional campaign as well as playing in many shows locally and making plans to tour overseas in the near future.


Band name: T.I.E.N.
Genre: Pop Rock
Members: Ah Lee, Phat Nick, Lyonel, Paul and Charles
Band website:

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Late in 1999, a question was struck between 2 friends, "Do you play bass?" this sparked the beginning of 'Trailing the Idyllic Eclat Nova', or in short - TIEN.

U-Gene and Ah Lee were friends since the age of 6 but neither of them had until then, known that they shared the same passion. The next year or so was spent forming the band. They experimented with different people and talents. and played mostly covers. Nothing materialized as members would come and go due to conflicting interests.

However, things took a turn when they decided to rope in an old friend from secondary school - Charles. With him as an addition, they started writing and composing their original pieces, Not long after, the guys decided that they needed a vocalist, a frontman who could best represent their compositions. The first person that came to mind was undoubtedly Fat-Nick - the man from their secondary school who was always singing at house parties.

In 2003, the band was complete with a drummer - Zar, then a classmate of U-gene. His stint with TIEN lasted only a year, after which he had to leave due to other commitments. But in 2003. Lyonel, a personal friend of Ah Lee's, took on the missing role of drummer. TIEN has since then been going strong in achieving greater heights as a band. Keep on trailing.


Name: Bee
Genre: Diverse



Bee grew up in London but is now based in Bangkok . Bee was instrumental in the development of the city’s current music scene. As well as producing and presenting his own show on Bangkok ’s leading English language radio station 95.5 FMX for 7 years he also is a regular contributor to the Nation Newspaper.

Bee also launched Bangkok ’s first Electro club, ReHab in Bed Supperclub (, which is now in its 4 th year. He’s rocked dance floors at clubs in London , Berlin , Nepal , Japan , KL and Singapore.

Bee is also a member of the punked-up-electro Band, Futon, who ‘s new album , Painkiller, was produced by Tim Simenon from Bomb The Bass.

Bee is also a regular contributor to - a Weekly newsletter featuring dance and club related stories and links from all over the world.


Band name: Bad Obsession
Genre: Rock and Roll
Members: Gordon, Dong, Evigan, Joe and Ary
Band website:

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Bad Obsession is a band fueled by the raw attitude and energy of what was rock n' roll in the 80s.

Fronted by insane frontman Gordon S.Leaze, charismatic lead axe-man Dong, heart pounding drummer Joe Suicide, riff meister, Evigan and the sleaziest bass lines you can get from Ary. Together, they are armed with the same vision of putting real rock n roll back on the map of Singapore.

Bad Obsession aims to bring the very best of the sunset strip and putting the SIN in SINgapore. With members sharing the same mentality of playing in-your-face rock music, you can expect their live shows to be anything but tame. Expect lots of volume, hairsprays, mayhem, attitude, moshpits, alcohol and of course, mind-blowing rock n' roll.


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