what is outbreed?
Outbreed, the production company

Outbreed is a promotions and production company for unique and unusual events and festivals from all-ages dance parties to club nights. With Over 20 shows to its name so far including the Outbreed series (See below), They Came From Mars II*, Out of Order*, Infectious* and Digital Injection** Outbreed also facilitates event management, Web and Print design, laser hire, fashion models and more. Simply contact us for enquiries at info@outbreed.org

*With XS Productions
**With Wild Things Dance Studio

Outbreed, the music label

Outbreed (the music label) comprises of many musical acts, ranging from DJs to Hip- Hop crews to bands.

The acts that are under the Outbreed umbrella have numerous accolades such as opening for international household names such as Hoobastank and Rivermaya, beat- boxing on Creative's Zen Neon television commercial, and also securing Number 1 spots on both 987 and Power 98 radio staions.

These acts are listed here. They are all available for booking, simply email to info@outbreed.org for more details.

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